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  • I'm having issues with the App, what should I do?"
    If you are having issues with using the App (for booking, cancellations etc..) the first thing to do is check you have an internet connection. If your internet connection is good and you are still having issues please check that you have updated the App. Mobile apps are updated frequently and its important you install the latest update. If you are still having issues, simply power off your phone and power it back on again will fix your problem Finally, everything you can do on the app, you can do on our website at Simply log-in to the website where you can purchase a credit, book your class, cancel your class etc
  • How do I cancel a booking / class?
    You can do this via the FrenchVanoli Wix App or FV Website. Simply login, go to the my booking area and select the class you wish to cancel or reschedule. Note: You must do this 2 hours before the class starts. Failure to do this will mean you loose your class credit
  • How do I cancel a membership?
    Please email us at to cancel your membership. NOTE: You must contact us 48 hrs before your direct debit is due to renew to avoid your account being debited
  • How long do my credits last?
    All Membership credits last for 4 weeks. You must use all credits within the 4 week period. All drop in credits last for 3 weeks (from point of purchase). You must use your credit within the 3 week period All credits not used within their validation period will expire and will no longer be available for you to use
  • Can I pause my membership?
    Yes you can, simply email us at Your account will be paused and your credits/DD will be frozen. When you are ready to start again, simply email us and we can reactive your account. Your account and credits will resume as per T&C's for your membership
  • I have used all my credits in my membership but I want to book a class
    If you have used all your credits but want to book a class while waiting for your membership to renew the best thing to do is simply purchase a DropIn credit while waiting for next months credits. Avoid purchasing another one of our memberships as it will mean you have two direct debits on your card and double the amount of credits to use within the month
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