All our Strength & Core sessions are run by fully qualified and experienced personal trainers who are happy to help you reach your fitness goals. You receive all the benefits of a personal trainer without paying the price. We guarantee results.


  • Stronger core

  • Better mobility

  • Weight loss

  • Fat loss

  • Increased muscle tone

  • Increased bone density

  • Increased cardiovascular system

  • Increased Strength


Try out our Free Strength & Core class. Adults of any age, any size and all fitness levels are welcome


You can try out your first Strength & Core class for free on Thursdays at 7pm or Saturdays at 9am.

Each session is designed to burn up to 600 calories giving you a great all over body workout. Sessions are designed to challenge and push you that little bit harder making them ideal for anyone looking for the extra motivation to achieve their fitness goals. You work to your own ability each session, increasing your fitness and stamina week on week with a little push here and there from our qualified personal trainers

We cater for people of all ages and abilities who have taken the challenge of changing their health, fitness and lifestyle for the better. This is a fitness class that fits all, no judgement passed. We have clients of all shapes and sizes however the focus is on making that change and getting results.

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