Train Hard.. Recover harder?!

It’s a common theme, we train hard, we stay consistent with our training programs, we have our day jobs, family life etc. Everyone leads busy lives, regardless of our status the world is moving at a fast pace and we keep rolling with it.

The same can be said for our training, we add our regime into our daily life and we work hard for the window we have taken from our diary to stay fit, healthy and strong. Now, while this is awesome can the same be said for our recovery from the exercise?

Think about this... Has there ever been a time where you felt really tired during your workout, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, maybe you have children who are having problems with their own sleep patterns, maybe you haven’t had enough to eat to properly fuel your workout, maybe today is just not your day to smash a Personal Best, lift that heavy weight in front of you ticking all the right boxes for technique and execution.

So why does this happen? While we can become incredibly disciplined in our training regimes there isn’t always the enthusiasm for our recovery. Recovery can be perceived as “boring” and something “I’ll get to” at the end of our workout but we rarely do because it’s so much easier to head straight home, and pretty much ignore the stress and strain we’ve put on our bodies because we don’t have “time” as we rush back to our busy lives.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to make the time for recovery, but it’s just as hard to make time to train, it’s become a priority to keep yourself healthy, fit and strong so why shouldn’t your recovery be on that list too.

Simple steps can be brought in to our routine until it becomes second nature, steps such as getting a better sleep pattern to suit your lifestyle, stretching after each workout, having both pre and post meals on your training days.

This can go beyond your official training days, active recovery days are hugely beneficial for both body and mind, plus you can make it fun with activities such as going on a hike, going to an adventure park with the family, going for a long walk with friends. While these are just suggestions, and quite general, it is entirely individual based as to what you enjoy.

Of course stretching and mobility work play a significant role in both our health to perform everyday tasks, and training progression. By getting on top of these we will see steady progress while maintaining a healthy body, feeling better after training sessions, and being able to get on with other important parts of our life without feeling run down, cranky, tired, sore all the time.

A final thought, having a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore, don’t be so hard on yourself if you think you need to “smash” every session, anyone who says they’re “grinding” 24/7, 365 and has time to boast about it… Isn’t!! Make it challenging but enjoyable too.

See you on the gym floor.

Coach Mairead

#train #recover

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