Strategies to keep your training going

So you came back to the gym in January and the last few weeks have not been a walk in the park let’s just say! Your motivation has been erratic to say the least and you are not quite sure which part of your body is sore anymore. Christmas was too good!

You have still been getting up at 5am or peeling yourself off the sofa after coming in the door from work in the evening and putting on those runners to get your training in though… and this is where the secret to progress lives.

With every ridiculously early alarm you have set and not snoozed, every rep that you have done and then cupped your cold hands to try and warm them up, every meal that you have eyeballed and though maybe don’t need as big a portion, every time you chose peppermint tea over coffee and a solid book instead of your phone before bed has brought you further towards your goals.

But this is no time to dwell on your success. Here is some ideas to keep the good times rolling.

  • Get chatting to some of your gym buddies. They can be really helpful to keep you on track when times get tough and also can be a great source of information on cool events that you could be included in your activities calendar.

  • Begin a morning routine if you don’t already have one. If you have then refine it. If not then now is a great time to get one figured out. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact the simpler the better as it will be easier to stick with. Five minutes of joint rotations along with five to ten minutes of reading before you hit your first coffee is a great start.

  • Re-evaluate our current skillset. Are there movements that you do in the gym that you can do maybe a handful of but then things go south?

  • If so, now might be a great time to ask for some help with those areas or just do a general evaluation of where you can find some low hanging fruit to keep your progress going.

Those are some easy strategies that will hopefully help you to keep your training mojo going!!!

Coach Padraic

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